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Zodiac Wheels Printable | Vòng Xoay 12 Con Giáp (Free download)

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Vietnamese zodiac animals go in the following order:
Tý - Chuột- Rat/Mouse
Sửu - Trâu - Water buffalo
Dần - Cọp/Hổ - Tiger
Mẹo/Mão - Mèo - Cat
Thìn - Rồng - Dragon
Tỵ - Rắn - Snake
Ngọ - Ngựa - Horse
Mùi - Dê - Goat
Thân - Khỉ - Monkey
Dậu - Gà
- Rooster
Tuất - Chó - Dog
Hợi - Heo/Lợn - Pig
Please note: The water buffalo corresponds to the ox, and the cat to the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

Refer to my blog post for complete printout and instructions.

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