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The Way - English-Vietnamese bilingual 8-book combo

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Author: The Wanderers


Cover: Softcover

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Following the overwhelming reception of Little Stories, The Wanderers editorial team from Zenbooks continues to produce a bilingual religion-inspired collection of  meaningful yet familiar maxims, with the classics integrating many layers of morality in life.

Although the book series contains lessons that are the principles of religions, it is not limited to Buddhists, Christians, and lay people, but is also valuable for readers who want to beautify their souls and lives. The Way, which includes stories about Buddhist benevolence and teachings from Christianity, has been collected by the group under the motto "The Way is inherently the path to a standard way of life, not the right way to live. What religion teaches people to live in the wrong way? Therefore, in addition to the purpose of helping readers improve their bilingual language skills, the team wants to expand their thinking and perception about one or more religions through this book series. may have had some inherent prejudice. Keep your mind open and ready to absorb things you've never read before. The Wanderers team believes that this series of books will guide you on your own "way".

Reading Age: 12+

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Dimensions: 11.3 x 17.6 cm

Publication date: 2021