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The Most Terrible of All - Picturebook

Original Title:

Languages: English

Author: Muon Thi Van

Illustrator: Matt Myers

Cover: Hardcover

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A little monster discovers that true terribleness can come in a very tiny package in this bold, funny exploration of sibling rivalry.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the most terrible one of all?

Every morning, Smugg’s magic mirror tells him that he’s the most terrible monster there is. Until one day, when the mirror tells him there’s an even worse monster, right next door! More terrible than Smugg? How can that be?

When Smugg marches next door, he learns that his neighbors have a new baby. She doesn’t look so bad—after all, she’s tiny. Smugg is sure he can be more terrible than she is. But the little beast is just getting started. She writes on the walls, devours the books, and—oh no!—she won’t stop crying. But the worst part is that she just might be getting attached to Smugg himself! He wouldn’t want a terrible tiny baby clinging to him…would he?

About Muon Thi Van

Mượn Thị Văn stitches stories by starlight and by daylight. Some of these stories become books, and some of these books are read around the world. From her acclaimed debut, In a Village by the Sea, with April Chu, to her latest, Wishes, with Victo Ngai, her books have received many distinctions, including a Golden Poppy Award, a New York Public Library Best Book, a Kirkus Reviews Best Book, and an Irma Black Honor Award. Mượn Thị Văn lives in California.

About Matt Myers

Matt Myers is the author and illustrator of Hum and Swish. Matt has illustrated many other books for children, including Battle Bunny, A Dog Named Doug, and the Infamous Ratsos series. When he's not painting or writing, he likes to build things, dig in the dirt, and hang out with his chickens. Matt lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can find him online at, and on Instagram and Twitter @myerspaints.


Reading Age: 4-8 years

Reading Level: PreK-3

Dimensions: 21.59 x 1.02 x 27.94 cm

Publication date: April 23 2019