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Tastes of Lunar New Year: Bilingual English/Traditional Chinese

Original Title:

Languages: Chinese, English

Author: Cheryl Yau Chepusova & Isabel Foo

Illustrator: Mori Chiang

Cover: Hardcover

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From the creators of the Big Cities Little Foodies series, a brand new illustrated children's book titled Tastes of Lunar New Year shows how Lunar New Year foods differ around the world.

Unlike other books on the holiday that are focused mostly on Chinese practices, Tastes of Lunar New Year is inclusive of Singaporean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Korean traditions too.

Big Cities Little Foodies partnered with award-winning Taiwan-based illustrator Mori Chiang to produce their first hardcover book that introduces 12 unique dishes across different regions, the special meanings behind each dish, and includes 12 zodiac animals to appeal to young readers.

👉 Audio reading: Cantonese and Mandarin

Note: There are two versions of this book: this listing is for the bilingual (English/Traditional Chinese) edition. Check out the English edition here.

Size: 203x203mm
Pages: 40
Publication: December 2020
Binding: Hardcover

Reading Age:

Reading Level:

Dimensions: 20.3x20.3cm

Publication date: 2020