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Bilingual Colors of Tet | Màu của Tết - song ngữ Anh Việt

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Languages: Vietnamese, English

Author: Tiny Wrist

Illustrator: Tiny Wrist

Cover: Hardcover

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Tết Tết Tết! It is the most special time of the year! Families gather, flowers and treats on display, and kids get the precious red envelopes.
This book will bring you to the vivid colors of Tết in Vietnam. It teaches kids how to talk about not only colors and shades (màu xanh, màu đỏ, màu vàng), and but also Tết traditions (bánh chưng, bao lì xì) in both Vietnamese and English.

The book is also illustrated with gorgeous colors, and printed on high quality paper. It comes with a free sticker sheet, too! It will be a perfect Lunar New Year gift for you and your family.

(Co-produced by Umbalena, an app for kids, the book also includes a QR code that allows you to access digital contents.)

Reading Age: 0-6

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