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Bitty Bao: Lucky Lunar Animals - Reimagined version

Original Title:

Languages: Chinese, English

Author: Lacey Benard + Lulu Cheng

Illustrator: Lacey Benard

Cover: Boardbook

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There are twelve animals represented in the Chinese zodiac. Which one are you? - a book about the zodiac.

A high-quality, engaging, and culturally relevant Chinese bilingual book for all families. All Bitty Bao books include all of the necessary language elements to support each family member wherever they may be in their language learning journey –

-Engaging pictures for the youngest of readers

-拼音 (Pīn yīn) for non-native speakers

-MANDARIN - Simplified characters version comes with 拼音 (Pīn yīn) for non-native speakers and English

-CANTONESE - Traditional characters version comes with jyutping for non-native speakers and English

-MANDARIN - Traditional characters version comes with 拼音 (Pīn yīn) for non-native speakers, 注音 (zhù yīn) for those who are native Chinese speakers or learning to read Chinese, and English

Reading Age: 0-5

Reading Level: PreK+

Dimensions: 5.6x5.6"

Publication date: 2023