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Korean Children's Favorite Stories: Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales

Original Title:

Languages: English

Author: Kim So-un

Illustrator: Jeong Kyoung-Sim

Cover: Hardcover

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This colorfully illustrated multicultural Korean children's book presents Korean fairy tales and other folk stories--providing insight into a vibrant literary culture.

Korean Children's Favorite Stories is a captivating collection of Korean folktales for children which are still being told, just as they have been for generations. Some are Korean-specific, while others echo those told in other countries. Written with wit and pathos, they unveil the inevitable foibles of people everywhere and expose the human-like qualities of animals and the animal-like qualities of humans.

These Korean fables pulsate with the rhythm of life and the seasons, transporting the reader to a wonderland where ants talk, a baby rabbit outwits a tiger, a tree fathers a child, and a toad saves a whole village.

Korean stories include:The Grateful Tiger: the story of a magical tiger, which demonstrates how empathy and kindness can affect your life in a positive wayThe Disowned Student: an intriguing tale of of a stolen identity and spiritThe Pheasant, the Dove and the Magpie: the story of three ungrateful birds, one tough mouse, and why pheasants' cheeks are redAnd more…

Reading Age: 5-10

Reading Level: Kindergarten - 5

Dimensions: 23.5 x 1.27 x 28.58 cm

Publication date: 2020