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Korean Celebrations: Festivals, Holidays and Traditions

Author: Tina Cho

Illustrator: Farida Zaman

Korean Celebrations takes young readers on an exciting exploration of Korea's colorful festivals and family celebrations—wonderful days that are filled with exciting activities and delicious foods.

This book allows children to experience Korean culture firsthand by involving them in games, crafts, stories, foods and other activities like the following:
  • Preparing and enjoying delicious Songpyeon—sweet dumplings that everyone loves to eat on Chuseok (Korea's version of Thanksgiving)
  • Folding a paper carnation—a favorite Parent's Day gift!
  • Making your own board game to play Yut-Nori—a game of luck and strategy that's played during Seollal, Korea's all-important New Year celebrations
  • Writing simple Korean phrases using the Hangul alphabet, Korea's written language—which is celebrated with its own holiday (Hangul Day)!
  • Making a paper fan—something kids always like to do when the hot summer holidays roll around!
  • Making your own Pepero chocolate cookies or pretzel treats—which have their own just-for-fun festival day called Pepero Day
In this book, kids will learn about many special Korean celebrations and festivals such as:
  • Dano—the end of the planting season which is full of fun competitions like wrestling and swinging contests
  • Children's Day—a spring day off from school, when parents take their kids out for a day of fun
  • Daeboreum—a holiday to celebrate the moon, filled with special dances, twirling fire, lots of walking and, of course, special foods
  • Special birthdays—(like turning one, or turning sixty) and other family celebrations.
  • Buddhist and Christian holidays—like Christmas and Buddha's Birthday.
…And plenty more. Because in Korea, a holiday or celebration is always just around the corner!Korean Celebrations allows kids to immerse themselves in the lives of their Korean counterparts with these interactive multicultural activities.