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Feelings Cards: English

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Author: Educate2Empower



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This poster has two major learning outcomes:
1. Help your child(ren) to more accurately express their feelings by developing their emotional vocabulary.
2. Help your child learn to recognize the feelings of others by facial expressions.

Lesson Ideas:
• Cut up the cards. Attach the words onto the back of each card by either gluing them in place or folding them under along the dotted line. Shuffle the cards and ask individual children to select a card to describe how they are feeling. Explore why they might be feeling that emotion today.
• Display the complete poster. Discuss with the children the feelings featured and alternative words that could be used instead of the ‘key' word written, e.g. This child is feeling ‘sad’. Let’s talk about the other words we can use to describe feeling sad? Encourage the children to use alternative words in their everyday language and written work.
• Play ‘Memory’ with the cut out cards and the cut out labels. Have children match the words to the child’s expression.

Book to pair with
 Cảm Xúc Của Con Màu Gì

Educate2Empower Publishing is an international award winning  children's book publisher who specializes in children's books on BODY SAFETY, CONSENT, GENDER EQUALITY, RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS, and SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Our books combine beautiful illustrations with key educational concepts capturing both the child's imagination as well as teaching them messages crucial to their development and safety. Educate2Empower Publishing also provides free resources for parents, caregivers and educators on these important topics.

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