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Bilingual "My First I Can Read" Fox series by Corey R. Tabor | Bộ Chú Cáo Tinh Nghịch - bộ song ngữ 6 cuốn

Original Title:

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Author: Corey R. Tabor

Illustrator: Corey R. Tabor

Cover: Softcover

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My First I Can Read Books are perfect for shared reading with a child. 

Fun-loving, mischievous Fox—the hilarious trickster character featured in Geisel Award–winning Fox books. The 6-book series  include: 

Fox and the Jumping Contest - a funny, surprising picture book starring Fox and his animal friends, from debut author-illustrator Corey R. Tabor.

Fox of Night Fox overcomes his fear of monsters when he meets real nocturnal animals.

Fox vs. Winter - Fox does not like winter. None of his friends are around to play. He is bored and alone. Then Fox has an idea. If he cannot escape winter, he will fight it!

Fox Is Late - What is this winning trickster character doing, zooming over and under and around on his skateboard? His animal friends follow him home to find out—and get a big surprise!

Fox the Tiger - Fox wishes he were a tiger. Tigers are big and fast and sneaky. So he decides to become one! Soon Turtle and Rabbit are joining in the fun. But will Fox want to be a tiger forever?

Fox and the Bike RideIt’s the day of the animals’ annual bike ride, and Fox is not excited. Every year it’s the same old, same old. 

Fox wants adventure. He wants action-adventure. He wants danger-action-adventure! (And snacks too, of course.)

So he secretly schemes to make this the most unforgettable trip ever—and his friends are coming along, whether they want to or not!

Cáo luôn đầu têu những trò nghịch ngợm. Một ngày Cáo ta muốn biến thành hổ, ngày kia lại chiến đấu với mùa đông, ngày khác lại lướt vèo vèo trên ván trượt để kịp giờ ăn trưa. Liệu chú Cáo tinh nghịch này còn “ủ mưu” gì nữa đây? Ba mẹ hãy cùng bé lật mở bộ truyện song ngữ này và khám phá nhé!

Corey R. Tabor là tác giả và họa sĩ minh họa của Snail Crossing, Cáo Thi Nhảy (Fox and the Jumping Contest), Cáo Đạp Xe (Fox and the Bike Ride), Cáo Đi Muộn (Fox Is Late), Cáo Chống Lại Mùa Đông (Fox vs Winter), và Cáo Da Hổ (Fox the Tiger, từng đoạt giải giải thưởng văn học của Hiệp hội Thư viện Hoa Kỳ).


Reading Age: 2-7

Reading Level:

Dimensions: 15.5 x 23cm

Publication date: 2022