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25 days of kindness advent calendar (Vietnamese) | 25 ngày tử tế

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Author: Tam Nguyen



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With Christmas drawing near, these are 25 acts of kindness with the major themes of: being kind to others, to the environment and to yourself. Please note the calendar pdf file is in Vietnamese only.

  1. Put toys away
  2. Help with house chore
  3. Help shovel neighbor’s snow
  4. Pick up trash and dispose properly
  5. Go through pantry and pick out food donation items
  6. Go through toys and pick out donation items
  7. Donate clothes and accessories
  8. Volunteer
  9. Make a Christmas card
  10. Read a book on kindness
  11. Give a hug
  12. Kiss a boo boo better
  13. Introduce yourself to a new friend in class
  14. Participate in a Toy Drive event
  15. Learn to say “hello” in another language
  16. Donate coins
  17. Sing a song for grandparent(s)
  18. Make gifts for classmates
  19. Turn lights off when not in use
  20. Conserve water
  21. Wrap presents with kids’ own art paper
  22. Donate books and DVDs to local library
  23. Say thank you
  24. Tell yourself “I did it”
  25. Practice kindness every day

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Publication date: 2022