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10 Khúc Đồng Dao | Nursery Rhymes from Vietnam (Bilingual)

Original Title:

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Author: Tiny Wrist

Illustrator: Tiny Wrist

Cover: Boardbook

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1. Kéo cưa lừa xẻ / Sawing wood

2. Lộn cầu vồng / Rainbow Flip

3. Con vỏi con voi / Elephant, Elephant

5. Kỳ nhông / Iguana

and more!

  • A bilingual nursery rhymes book, in Vietnamese and English, for both parents and kids, featuring a variety of traditional Vietnamese rhymes, about animals, family, folk games, etc.
  • Each page is carefully translated with the help many experienced editors, including the famous novelist Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai. Colorful illustrations are made by six different up and coming Vietnamese artists, from both North & South Vietnam. 
  • The book is printed on glossy board book format, 7x7 inches (178x178 mm) - perfect for tiny hands - and durable during their exploration!

Reading Age: 0-8

Reading Level:

Dimensions: 7x7in

Publication date: 2021