Vietnamese and Bilingual Book Recommendations for Ages 0-6

Vietnamese and Bilingual Book Recommendations for Ages 0-6

Dear readers,

As the cost of living continues to rise, we understand the value of making every penny count when it comes to bilingual books.
Our collections are carefully curated to showcase quality books that will grow with your child's reading needs, hitting those important milestones and essential topics.

The first 6 years of life are considered the golden period where the absorbent mind can most effortlessly pick up one language or more. Investing in the right bilingual books will result in an optimal learning period.

Age 0-1:

Transitioning to solids is a big milestone in this age group. The trilingual interactive board books about food will also support sensory exploration, aka chewing and being rough with the books. It’s never too early form the habit of reading with your child.

 Browse through our Trilingual interactive board books.


Age 1-2:

If you haven’t done so, start documenting words your child can say at this age. Help them expand their 1-word and 2-word repertoire with bilingual picture dictionaries. Add color words and watch their ability to describe the world exponentially grow!

Bilingual Picture Dictionary.

Trilingual interactive board book: Màu Sắc | Colors | Couleurs.

Colors of the Rainbow board book


Age 2-3:

potty training/toilet learning, seeing other kids, and getting sick all lead to fascination of how the body works, from bones to germs to poop. Fuel these interests with educational books about the body. We take no responsibility for your child finding phân and ị the most hilarious words to insert in every sentence.

See our collection of The Human Body and Feelings | Cơ Thể và Cảm Xúc


Age 3-4:

Those feelings are becoming ever explosive. Help them regulate their feelings by naming them and describing them. Lay the foundation of legitimizing all feelings while identifying proper vs. improper behavior, and establishing healthy relationship with others.

See our collection of The Human Body and Feelings | Cơ Thể và Cảm Xúc


Age 4-5:

Building on naming feelings and managing their own emotions, and understanding other’s emotions – in other words - emotional intelligence. There are so many aspects of emotional intelligence and many books to choose from. We recommend books that promote resilience and bravery – trying hard things, not giving up, believing in yourself and uplifting others.

See our collection of books on Social & Emotional Intelligence Collection | Sách Phát Triển Trí Tuệ Cảm Xúc

Múp Míp Mê Mẩn Múa May (translation of Brontorina)


Age 5-6:

Continue to expand their horizon of knowledge and possibilities by introducing more complex books based on their interests. Our translated encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley and Usborne Big Books are wonderful learning resources packed with learning opportunities.  

Translated Encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley.

Translated Usborne Big Books.


Happy Reading!

Tam Nguyen

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