NEW ARRIVAL in May 2023!

NEW ARRIVAL in May 2023!

Hello inspired readers!

Believe it or not, I started ordering new books since October 2022, and finally got my 2,000lb shipment of books last week! The wait was beyond frustrating. The shipping company I used just took WAY too long to process and send out the cargo. Then it ended up in Los Angeles, US instead of Vancouver, Canada as first port of entry, so another endless wait for customs to clear the books.

Finally I can touch and feel and inspect these books, yay!!!

While on vacation in Mexico, my mind was racing about sharing all the different books on my shelves. I gotta say, many many amazing books are now available in our "New Arrival" section. Here are some collections that might interest you.

Click on the links below.

Trilingual books

These Vietnamese-English-French interactive board books for kids 0-6 are simply AMAZING. Until now, I have not been able to find Vietnamese boardbooks that match the quality of English boardbooks here. But now I have!

Books for ages 8+

In the previous year, I've been sourcing mostly children's books for ages 0-8, and some parenting books. Seeing the need for books for older kids, tweens, teens and young adults, I've added a few new titles in this collection

More bilingual books

I love the practicality of two-in-one bilingual books, and continue to look for more to add to the growing collection. Some new ones that come to mind that I am so excited about:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Bilingual | Chú Sâu Háu Ăn - song ngữ
123 Let's Go to Sleep: bilingual | 123 Mau Đi Ngủ Thôi: song ngữ
Bilingual We Can Do It! | Kiên Trì Không Bỏ Cuộc - song ngữ
No Matter What - Bilingual | Dù Sao Đi Nữa Mẹ Vẫn Yêu Con - Song Ngữ
Bilingual Pig’s Egg | Quả Trứng Của Lợn Con – song ngữ
Bilingual Picture Dictionary 9-book Combo | Từ Điển Bằng Hình Song Ngữ Anh-Việt (Bộ 9 Cuốn)


Other great topics to explore:

Books on social and emotional intelligence by Jayneen Sanders

Big books by Usborne

Cinema books of Vietnamese folktales

Sticker books

Gender education

Check out our growing collection of learning resources too!

Don't forget, May 31st is the last day to use discount code MAY15 to get 15% discount at checkout on your entire order!


Happy reading!




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