Cultural Amigurumi (handmade) doll - the WHY and the GIVEAWAY

Cultural Amigurumi (handmade) doll - the WHY and the GIVEAWAY

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WHY these cultural dolls?

For many parents, finding a culturally representative dolls, books and toys for their child is extremely important for many reasons, including:

+ To help children see themselves represented in their toys, leading to them having an easier time developing their sense of identity.

+ To help children understand the reality that they live in, and embrace their uniqueness while feeling they truly belong in a multi-cultural society.

+ To lay the foundation for anti-racist behavior, to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion with empathy.

Many Asian parents recount growing up playing with fair skinned, blond hair, blue-eyed dolls, and experiencing negative effects from not seeing themselves represented. While VietCan is not the first to recognize this deficiency, we are doing our part in highlighting and fulfilling the need for cultural representation. 

A bit about these dolls:

* Hand made by mamas living in Viet Nam

* Made of durable milk cotton yarn which does not pill

* Filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill

* Plastic eyes are glued on, we don't recommend letting children under 3 play unsupervised.

To check out each doll individually, visit our Amigurumi collection.


Join hands with VietCan Books in promoting culturally representative and diverse toys and books for children!



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