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The Awesome! Box Set: A is for Awesome!, 3 2 1 Awesome!, and Colors of Awesome!

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New York Times -bestselling author Eva Chen's three feminist board books are now available in one AWESOME collection, a must-have for every little feminist's library.

A Is for Awesome! provides an ABC of amazing women from throughout history, 3 2 1 Awesome! counts down some of their most amazing accomplishments, and Colors of Awesome! pairs groundbreaking feminist icons with all the colors of the rainbow and beyond, featuring 67 sheroes from throughout history, from Kamala Harris to Beyonce, Megan Rapinoe to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Awesome! Box Set Includes:
- (1) copy of A IS FOR AWESOME! 
- (1) copy of 3 2 1 AWESOME! 
- (1) copy of COLORS OF AWESOME!

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