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Mommy's Love

Author: Ekaterina Ladatko & Anastasia Galkina

Illustrator: Ekaterina Ladatko & Anastasia Galkina

Cover: Boardbook

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As time goes by, you should know:
Mommy’s love will only grow.

This tender poem reinforces the message that no matter a child’s strengths or weaknesses, whether they succeed or fail, Mommy’s love never falters. With adorable art showcasing a variety of family scenarios that will be familiar to any parent, 
Mommy Loves You makes it clear that a mother’s love is unconditional.

If you’re strong . . . or if you’re not,
you’re the dearest one she’s got.

Reading Age: 0-4

Reading Level:

Dimensions: 17.78 x 1.91 x 18.1 cm

Publication date: 2022