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Burmese Children's Favorite Stories: Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales

Original Title:

Languages: English

Author: Pascal Khoo Thwe

Illustrator: Maeve Bates

Cover: Hardcover

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Switch up your bedtime reading with these charming stories from Myanmar!

The stories in this beautifully illustrated children's book have been passed down for generations and were told to author Pascal Khoo Thwe by his grandmother. These traditional tales feature handsome princes, squabbling siblings, greedy crocodiles and evil ogres--all set against a backdrop of traditional Burmese village life.

The eight delightful stories in this book include:"The Seven Sisters" - Forced to transform into peacocks to escape an evil ogre"Let Her Take the Shadow" - About a greedy market trader who learns a lesson when she tries to charge a poor man for enjoying the smell of her delicious fried fish"The Squirrels and the Bees" - When bees build their hive outside the squirrels' home, they become angry and scared. However in the end, they learn to live in harmony. And many more!
Enhanced by the playful illustrations of Maeve Bates, this collection provides children with insights into the culture, values and lifestyle of the Burmese people. Perfect for bedtime reading, these stories are sure to be enjoyed by children and parents alike.

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Level: 1 - 5

Dimensions: 22.86 x 1.27 x 28.58 cm

Publication date: 2022